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HDR Photography

high_dynamic_range_photography HDR Photography – Our photographers understand the limitations of SLR cameras and the inability to control lighting in specific settings. The usage of high dynamic range (HDR) photography and post production applications allow for stunning and impactful images. ‘Bracketing’ multiple photos at different exposures provides proper lighting for dark shadows as well as bright highlights. We then tone map and blend the images into one impactful image. We don’t stop there, color correction and retouching are a must for every image. high_dynamic_range_photography

Confidential – Interactive Aerial Imagery

Thirdrail has pioneered 360º interactive aerial imagery by partnering with EyeTerra® and OverCities. We have designed, developed and manufactured a camera rig (Dorothy) that allows us to shoot in all directions at the same time while capturing in ultra high resolution. Our 4th generation camera rig is currently in development and under wraps! Feel free to peruse just a few of our images captured with this revolutionary technology.

Downtown Kansas City Loft & Condo Developer Showcases SkyView of Properties.

kcloftcentral_skyview SkyView – KCLoftCentral engaged with Thirdrail to develop a comprehensive website with a content management system to allow for showcasing specific units. Thirdrail incorporated a 360º interactive aerial map of all of the client properties. Technical Specifications
  • SkyView Aerial Property Viewer
  • Interactive Aerial 360 Tours
  • Interactive Elevated 360 Ground Tours
  • Content Management System Integration
  • HDR Photography
  • Complete Website Construction
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • social Media Marketing

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