Advertising – Driving qualified traffic to your property largely hinges on effective advertising. Thirdrail implements clear and concise messages into cross campaigns through proven vehicles.

Signs and Billboards Assessment Plan, Plan, Plan! Analyzing street traffic and designing a network of promotional and directional signs delivers a sizeable ROI. Types of Signs A-Frame Sign, Attention-Attracting Device, Awning Sign, Billboard, Directional Sign, Identification Sign, Monument Sign, Off-Site and On-Site Development Sign, Portable Sign, Real Estate Sign, Snipe Sign, Subdivision Entry Marker, Temporary Sign, Vehicular Sign, Wall Sign. Zoning Thirdrail works efficiently with city officials and zoning enforcement, saving time and avoiding future problems. Graphic Design Thirdrail is faithful to a clean and sophisticated graphic aesthetic. Signs must overcome the unique environment of transportation systems, and we generally favor high contrast colors and short, simple messages. Custom Design and Fabrication If a standard sign does not best suit your project, then we simply design and produce a non-standard solution. Our design team is expert at all types of sign fabrication using the latest in printing and CAD/CAM technology. Media Ads Print ads used to account for a large portion of an advertising budget, but have now become secondary to internet and social media advertising. Management Managing ad placement and scheduling is a tedious process. Thirdrail has built strategic relationships and procedures that enable this process to run smoothly. Copywriting Collaboration within the project team is the best way to generate copy that is dialed into your project. Using the brand platform as a reference, the appropriate tone and language emerge. Graphic Design Unoriginal and novice approaches to this process are common in the real estate industry. Thirdrail is committed to changing this trend. Graphic design, like all other forms of communication, is a direct reflection of your brand. Graphic Standards Consistency in any visual presentation of your project is very important. Thirdrail ensures your brand is recognized in a crowd, while maintaining visual continuity. Photography A good photograph sells the project. We understand that the complex art of photography and are experts at producing powerful images that highlight the attributes of a project and diminish weak points. Ad Insertion Insertion may seem like a simple task that requires nothing more than a quick e-mail to the publication, but careful management of assets and constant communication are vital. We institute strict procedures and management software to streamline the process and ensure success. Tracking Thirdrail understands the importance of using tracking data to help evolve the marketing effort. Data obtained from the sales office and website translate into more effective advertising. Advertorials This vehicle is currently one of the most effective marketing tools in the local real estate industry. We are highly experienced in using this tool to maximum benefit. Our established relationships increase our leverage within the industry. Internet & Search Engine Advertising A thorough listing on all search engines and industry websites in the early stages of your project leads to otherwise missed sales down the road. The internet is king. Thirdrail makes this happen quickly and effectively. Search Engine Marketing is vital and is great for target marketing your demographic as well as positioning against your competition. Direct Mail Campaigns A well-executed direct mail campaign reaches an audience that would otherwise be missed. Collateral can usually double as a handout or insert into local publications. -Demographic Studies -List Purchasing -Print Production -Mailing Services

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